Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen

Archery on the North Shore

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Return to pre-Covid archery at Edenborough Park

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Return to pre-Covid archery at Edenborough Park

Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen is moving to resume pre-covid activities. We are no longer required to enforce physical distancing outside, and we don’t need to limit participant numbers as we did under earlier restrictions. It is not now required to book a space on the shooting line.

However the club has a gathering policy which must be read and understood by all participants.

You can register your acceptance online by filling out this form.

Getting ready to shoot the day’s round

We have reintroduced a shooting calendar, which nominates different rounds Sunday by Sunday.

On the day, every archer:

• must arrive between 9.15am and 9.30am.

• must sign the attendance book.

• decides which round to shoot, in coordination with up to three other archers on any target.

• sets up the target with the other archers.

• prepares their equipment for shooting.

• with all others, starts the round at 10.00am.

It is essential to be early. Latecomers miss out on the target allocations, and their setup must fit in with the shooting taking place; it is possible that all available targets have been allocated and there is no spare capacity.

The new annual shooting calendar can be seen here. Week by week it lists the rounds to be shot. Here is a listing of the all rounds available.

Signing in

As a participant or as a spectator on the field during shooting, it is essential that you sign the club’s attendance book on the day before shooting commences.

• This is mandatory for the sport’s overall public liability insurance cover.

• It commits you to compliance with the club’s covidsafe plan.

You should accept the club's gathering rules before signing the attendance book and participating.

For allocating targets to archers, priority will be given to members, tournament competitors (such as in our monthly Handicap round), early arrivals, and novices following on from beginners courses. Visitors may be accommodated only if there is sufficient capacity.

If you have any questions please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 11:59