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Suspension of Beginners Courses

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Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid-19, we have had to suspend our beginners courses until further notice
Last Updated on Saturday, 25 July 2020 13:01

Interim restart plan

KGB Interim plan and registration requirements from 7/6/20 Until further notice To all club members. Please be advised that we have ASNSW and Ku-Ring-Gai ’s approval to re-commence club activities from June 14th w constraints. We are permitted to have a group size not exceeding 10 people and safe distancing rules must also be adhered to (ie. no less than 1.5 metres between each person at any time) This will mean that we can only have 5 targets operating at one time and only 2 archers per target each 1.5 m apart. Each archer will pull their own arrows and for scoring, only 1 to score all arrows or each archer to have their own score sheets. Non shooting family members or friends must keep their distance so that they are clearly not part of our archery group. Remember it is the total group size of 10 that we must honour and we do expect there to be the possibility of random inspections to ensure we are doing the right thing. Our shooting calendar will comprise morning and afternoon rostered shooting times where 10 members can, by prior approval, shoot 10 up per session. Archers are asked to complete the attached shooting request form and email back to A McVicar by the Thursday before the next Sunday shooting day. All requests will be considered and time and date slots will be allocated by our nominated club co-ordinator and you will be notified the Friday before the approved and rostered attendance time. If and archer is un-able to attend on the rostered time, it is their responsibility to advise the co-ordinator before 5pm on the Saturday before so that another can be offered the shooting slot. Please consider that we are severely limited to the number of archers we can accommodate in each session and the number of club members that need to be accommodated far exceeds available sessions. In fairness to our other club members, if an archer fails to attend the requested and approved session without us being advised in a timely manner, we reserve the right to prioritise their further shooting times to minimise repeat selfish behaviour. Plan for daily activities. Range Officer A range officer (RO) will be appointed for each the morning and afternoon sessions. For the morning session the RO arrives at promptly 9am and sets; the ropes, position flags and distance markers up ready for target placement. The RO does not place targets and stands on the field, this will be the responsibility of each pair of archers for the respective target. Targets are to be placed at 3 metre spacing and 5 buts to be set up. Given the equipment has been in effective isolation, there are no hygiene issues re dis-infecting equipment at this stage The RO will stay clear of archers (15-20 metres) throughout the morning shoot and will not be part of the 10 participating club members. The RO will monitor shooting and will control shooting with whistle as is normal. Start time for the morning shoot will be 9:30 and end time 12:00pm precisely. This will allow enough time for a 90 arrow event such as a Canberra but only if we are well organised and keep thing moving. At the end of shooting or at 12:00pm the RO will cease shooting, ensure all club equipment is returned to the club house and has been dis-infected with wipes provided so all is ready for the afternoon contingent. Archers are also required to return all targets moved during the morning to the original distance. For the afternoon shoot, the replacement RO is required to be available from 12:15 to ensure all is clean and ready for the next detail of archers arriving at 12:30pm with a planned start time of 12:45 The shooting is to be supervised as per the morning shoot and shooting is to cease at precisely 3:30pm Archers are responsible for the return of all targets and equipment to the club house and dis-infected with wipes provided before storing away. This will take some co-operation and care to ensure safe distancing is observed throughout. RO to finally check that all equipment has been stowed away and the field is clear. Lock-up to be completed Archers Responsibilities (morning session) Archers to arrive no later than 9:15 and be ready at that time to set up the field for shooting. Archers not on site by 9:15 will be considered absent and if the are others present that would like to fill the slot, they will be given that shooting detail and time. Field set-up will require placement of target buts on stands already set in place by the RO. When setting up, it will be necessary for archers to avoid the club area unless using the bow stringer or accessing club equipment and in these cases, archers need to respect the 1.5 metre distancing requirements. Set-up should be done at your cars or possible on the water tank clear area. Please defer set-up to before or after the 9:15 set-up time (until field is ready for use) There is no need to dis-infect the equipment at start of the day as all has effectively been in quarantine for the week. Shooting will start at or as near to 9:30 as practical and will cease at 12:00pm precisely (has to be precise in order to accommodate the following detail of archers) Targets will be placed at 3 metre intervals so that 2 archers (maximun) per target can maintain no less than 1.5 metres apart. Archers will score their own results on individual score sheets or agree 1 person to score all arrows. aArchers to pull their own arrows one archer at a time. Archers to return any moved target buts to their starting position at the end of the morning shooting time and exit he field as promptly as practical. Please remember to following distance guidelines and keep 1.5 metres from any other at all times and try to clear the area so that following club member shave sufficient space to set up their equipment. Any club equipment used should be dis-infected with wipes before returning to there club house Archers Responsibilities (afternoon session) Archers to arrive at 12:30pm and proceed to set up equipment, avoiding the club house area where possible (water tank area or your own vehicles are possible areas to set up As the field will already be set up and ready for shooting (thanks to the morning archers returning the field to “ready for use” state) shooting can start at 12:45pm and continue until 3:30pm Targets will be placed at 3 metre intervals so that 2 archers (maximun) per target can maintain no less than 1.5 metres apart. Archers will score their own results on individual score sheets and will pull their own arrows one archer at a time. We need to have all equipment put away and the field vacated by 4pm A RO will oversee all shooting and will stay well away from the club members at all times and shooting will be controlled by the whistle (RO’s job) as per normal safe shooting procedures. The RO supervises from a safe distance of 15 to 20 metres away at all times. At he end of shooting, all club equipment must be returned to the club house. Dis-infecting will not be required as equipment will be locked away and not touched for a full week and beyond normal isolation time. Archers wishing to shoot should complete the event booking form and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Thursday before the requested event. The weekends shooting roster will then be emailed back to club members by Friday evening. Event Participation Request Archers Name Phone No. Email address Date AM PM Either Maximum Example Name 123456 14/6 X Y 50m Note: Preferred time of AM or PM first priority but if demand and available slots are not there at the preferred time, “Y” in the AM or PM column means you can shoot either morning or afternoon on that day id necessary. We will endeavour to accommodate your maximum shooting preference but this will not always be possible Allan McVicar For KGB 0408-418345 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it